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Sofas and furniture for the living room!

We have fantastic sofas from Valencia in southern Spain, from a family owned company that have made sofas for generations. 

All sofas are made by hand and available in more than 80 fabrics. Most of the models have a removable are washable cover. They are modular sofas so there are many ways to make combine!

Scroll down to find armchairs, coffee tables, console tables and TV-benches!

Sofa DOLCHE in washable linen mix. 

3 seater + chaise lounge 298x97x94cm (Chaise longue 151x105cm) 2149€ 

2 seater + chaise lounge 253x97x94cm (Chaise longue 151x90cm) 1819€

Sofa 4 seater 247x97x94 1599€. 

ESTOCOLMO our slim member of the family. With a Scanivian look.

Armchair 92x92x96cm 779€

2 seater 172x92x96cm 1099€

3 seater 202x92x96cm 1195€

2 seater + chaise lounge 254x92x96cm (Chaise lounge 150x87cm) 1870€

3 seater + chaise lounge 299x92x96cm (chaise lounge 150x102cm) 1999€

Sofa RIO a deeper and lower model, also this linen mix & washable. 

3 seater +chaise longue 326x112x87cm (Chaise lounge 215x112cm) 2690€

2 seater +chaise lounge 281x112x87cm (chaise lounge 215x112cm) 2415€

3 seater 215x112x87cm 1490€

NUBA a more upright model. Linen mix and washable.

Armchair 108x94x90cm 747€

2 seater 182x94x90cm 1059€

3 seater 212x94x90cm 1215€ 

4 seater 262x94x90cm 1527€

2 seater + chaise lounge 260x97x93cm (chaise lounge 151x91cm) 1895€

3 seater + chaise lounge 305x97x93cm (chaise lounge 155x107cm) 2099€

This cozy model is called GAUDI and has lots of cushions. Also this is washable.

2 seater 176x100x87cm 1192€

3 seater 206x100x87cm 1327€

4 seater 240x100x87cm 1470€

2 seater + chaise lounge 251x100x87cm, (chaise lounge 160x104cm) 1999€

3 seater + chais lounge 296x100x87cm, (chaise lounge 160x104cm) 2225€

Sofa bed SELLA, 200x98x94cm, bed 140x195cm, 1445€