Furniture, art & design

Let us help you decorate your home in Mallorca!

Lifestyle MALLORCA is mediterranean and relaxed. If you let me assist you I will help you not only with furniture but with all. We hand over projects ready to move in, so called turn key projects. 

Understanding the needs of our customers and to find them decoration that fit their way of living is the most fulfilling part of our job.  We really listen to what you have to say.

You only pay for the furniture, consultation is free.

Contact me for a consultation! 

Swedish and trendy quality beds

We love a good nights sleep and nicely designed beds so we have opened a bed store next to us. 

For info about beds visit

This is what we can do for you! 

  • Sofas, armchairs and footstools in more than 80 fabrics
  • Beds, headboards, night stands in many models
  • Bed linen, duvets and matrress protectors
  • Dining tables, cupboards, cabinettes and dining chairs
  • Carpets, cushions & plaids 
  • Paintings, mirrors and other wall decorations
  • Towels, bath ropes & rugs
  • Curtains made to messure 
  • Artificial plants for both in- & outside
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Handmade furniture from our own carpentry
  • Ceramics and kitchen ware

Kind Regards

Katrin Engström

Interior Designer