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Handmade dining tables

Our handmade dining tables come in many sizes and colours.

Table 4 legs

This table is posible to make up to 350cm long. Price example 200x100x75cm, 940€

Legs can be made 9x9cm or 12x12cm depending on how long you make it.

Table TRADITIONAL, price example 180x90cm, 950€

Table CONNECTED LEGS, price example 200x100cm, 1510€

Table ANTIQUE, price example 200x94x75cm, 1479€

BAR TABLE wood or wood/metal, price example 130x70x100cm 529€

Dining table 4LEGS, price example 200x90x75cm, 1150€

 Dining table U-LEGS, price example 200x100x75cm, 1250€

Round table 4 legs

This table is suitable both for indoors and outdoors under roof. It can be made up to /160cm. 

Some of the other things we have to offer...

BAR STOOLS (nr 1 and 2 can be painted in all our colours).