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This is Lifestyle MALLORCA

We are madly in love with Mallorca and if you are not yet...we are sure that you will be! 

We are a small family owned company that has been here since 1985 and have grown more and more into the fantastic lifestyle of this island. We offer handmade furniture, decoration, interior design projects and renovations with a personal and professional touch. Service really matters to us!

Our style is mediterranean and laid back. We believe that a home should be a place to relax and not a museum. We live as we learn using local products as much as possible.

You find us in Palma

In our stores and THE WOOD FACTORY, all in the centre of Palma, we show furniture like sofas and dining tables along with smaller pieces. 

Handmade ceramics and hand woven cushions are always available, together with olive wood and the funny hand braided animal heads and cactuses.

We like that visitors can take a bit of the island to home with them. There are paintings and other decoration on display to make your way of living in Mallorca all you want! 

Our website reflects well what you find when you visit us.

Own carpentry!

Our aim is to do as much as possible on Mallorca and by hand! This is why we have  our own carpentry THE WOOD FACTORY where we make unique pieces. We use recycled wood in order to be sustainable.

So again, a warm welcome!

Katrin Engström and Mimmo Mellone