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Let us help you decorate your home in Mallorca!

Lifestyle MALLORCA is mediterranean and relaxed. If you let me assist you i will help you not only with furniture and decoration, but also with curtains and outdoor furniture. Understanding the needs of my customers and to find for them decoration that fit their way of living is the most fulfilling part of my job.  Contact me for a consultation! 

Swedish and trendy quality beds

We love a good nights sleep and nicely designed beds so we have opened a bed store next to us. 

For info about beds visit

Help with full renovation 

If you do your interior decoration with us, we can offer you help with a full renovation of your home. We can be your project leader so that you can relax and be sure that everything is taken care of, giving you a full report of the progress. We have many customers that are happy to recommend us.

Kind Regards

Katrin Engström

Interior Designer