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SMEG and wine in Mallorca


Toaster, kettle and blender from SMEG 

I have always loved the products from SMEG.  and growing up in Napoli i loved my mother's light blue refrigerator. I sell all products, we keep various colours in the stores, and the lead times are short so the customers can, in most of cases, have their fridge or toaster in a week.

SMEG and wine 

Good wine and food in a beautifully decorated home might be a bit of paradise. I sell winefridges from SMEG that I fill with fantastic flavours from Mallorca, Italy and the rest of the world. The customer tells me his/her preferences  and then we find a good selecion togheter. Some wine to store for a longer time and some to drink right now.  A standard bodega holds 200-250 bottles.


Kind Regards

Mimmo Mellone

Sommelier and chef