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Since we want to produce locally, we have opened our own carpentry. Our wood worker can handmake your dream piece. Diningtables, bartables, benches, mirrors, headboards and side tables are only a few examples of his creativity.

Easy to order online

Our idea is that it should be easy to order what you want online. If you live on the other side of Mallorca you should not even have to come to Palma if you don´t want to. We will deliver for you. Many of our customers live abroad most of the time and like to decide on furniture from home. We can send you all the pictures you need in order to do so.

Recycled wood in many colours

We use recycled wood when we work in order to be as sustainable as possible. You can choose from 2,5cm,4cm or 5cm thick wood. We have lots of colours to choose from and the finish can be more or less distressed. Here are our standard colours. We can make other ones upon request.

  • wood samples
  • sample old white
  • sample white chalk
  • sample pink
  • sample oak
  • sample old wood
  • wood samples
  • sample walnut
  • sample wengue
  • sample old grey
  • sample grey stone
  • samples
  • green water
  • mint green
  • miami turquoise

We also work with a smith

When we make furniture with a metal base we use 2x2cm, 3x3cm and flat 2x6cm is also used. On the picture we show our standard colours but we can make any colour upon request.

Let the pictures serve as inspiration! Any questions you might have, please  Contact us. We are happy to help you out and give you a quote. 

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Headboards, night stands, bedside benches and console tables  Bedroom

Dining tables and cup boards  Dining

Coffee tables, side boards, TV-benches and shelf units  Living