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Sofas and furniture for the living room!

We have fantastic sofas from Spain, from family owned companies that have made sofas for generations. Scroll down to find armchairs, coffetables and cupboards!

Sofa 3 seater + chaise lounge 298x97x94cm (Chaise longue 151x105cm) 1999€ also available in sofa 2 seater + chaise lounge 253x97x94cm (Chaise longue 151x90cm) 1880€ and sofa 4 seater 247x97x94 1580€. These are modular sofas. Many combinations and fabrics posible!

Sofa+chaise longue 323x110/200x90cm 2499€

Lino desfundable, Linen washable 4 plazas 262x94x90cm 1599€, 3 plazas 212x94x90cm 1280€

Sillón/armchair 86x86x92cm 699€, Pouf 70x50x47cm 296€. 80 fabrics/telas posible.