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Let us help you out with everything!

Our style is mediterranean and relaxed. If you let us assist you we will not only help you with furniture and decoration, but also with curtains, headboards and other upholstery. Understanding the needs of my customers and to find them decoration that fit their way of living is the most fulfilling part of my job. I have many different suppliers all with their special designContact me for a consultation! 

 Own woodworkers and longtime supplier is our lifestyle

I try to use my own wood workers as much as I can. Knowing them personally means being sure of their quality. Leadtimes are an important factor as well and the closer the quicker. Using furniture from Mallorca is good for the economy of the island and why look further when pretty much of what you need is around the corner? Let your home form part of the fantastic lifestyle of Mallorca. 


My Swedish heritage and beds

Living in Mallorca and being Swedish means having a fantastic heritage of Scandinavian furniture designers. Beds are important to a Swedish so I always use good quality from Beds from Victus in Valskog, Sweden. Sleeping well is living well so real craftsmanchip is needed if you ask me!   

Read more about our beds clicking the link   Sleeping/Dormitorio 

Click here to download pricelist!
Swedish quality beds
Victus by LifestyleMALLORCA.pdf (930.11KB)
Click here to download pricelist!
Swedish quality beds
Victus by LifestyleMALLORCA.pdf (930.11KB)


No extra charge - only the furniture

My customers pay no extra fee -only the furniture I find for them. Living in Mallorca should be easy living -so relax and let me help you out! We set up a meeting where we look at drawings of the home together with inspirational pictures that the customer brings. We set up guidelines and after that we start the fun with creating you dream home in Mallorca!

Old furniture to charity

Should you have old furniture that you no longer use we recommend you donate them to Allen Graham   and his team that make a great work to help children in need!

Kind Regards

Katrin Engström

Interior Designer